About Us

Welcome to Love + Pup!

If you love dogs, you're in the right place (and you're our kind of person)! :)

We aim to bring you the most beautiful and cool products just for dog lovers like you (and us!) Because when you really love your dogs, it's just a part of who you are.

We think dogs are just the most amazing animals in the world. As the saying goes:

Dogs are not our whole lives; but they make our lives whole

We wish all dogs were safe and loved, so we donate a portion of our proceeds to support rescue organizations within the US and globally. So you can look good, and do good too!

So we're so glad to see you here, and welcome to the Love + Pup family :)

Love + Pup

(Plus wags and licks from the Love + Pup team dogs - Liebe, Frodo, Barbie, Zander, and Foxy !)